We design and manufacture bespoke membrane keypads and industrial graphic & keyboard assemblies

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Membrane Keypads

  • Tactile | Non-Tactile keys
  • Metal Domes | Polydomes
  • Rim | Full Key | Pillow Embossing | Debossing | LED Window Embossing
  • Chemical | Hard coated | UV Resistant Materials
  • Selectively Textured | Glossed | Matt | Satin | Velvet Surfaces
  • Clear | Coloured | Smoked | Secret Till Lit Windows
  • EMI | RFI | ESD Shielding
  • Integral Surface Mount LEDs | Components
  • Electroluminescent (EL) and LGF Technology Backlighting
  • Steel | Aluminium Support Panels | Plastic Mouldings

Complete Customisation

Membrane Keypads offer an alternative to conventional switching systems.

Our Membrane Keypads are manufactured to each customer’s individual requirements and to the environment in which the product will be used.

All Membrane Keypads, Graphic overlays & Fascia Front panels are under surface printed for durability and performance of legend onto carefully selected materials from market leading suppliers such as MacDermid Autotype, Nitto and GE Structured Products.

A selection of specialized adhesives for mounting to various surfaces are used and supplied by market leading suppliers such as 3M & Nitto.

Available with a range of surface finishes from full or selective texture, gloss, matt, satin and velvet which can all be scratch resistant along with display windows, secret until lit filter colours and tints.

For more details on Membrane Keypads | Front Panel Assemblies | Graphical Overlay Fascia Panels | Backlighting | Labels | Industrial Graphics | Flexible Circuits | Keyboard Assemblies manufactured by MMI Limited please do not hesitate to contact us.