We design and manufacture bespoke membrane keypads and industrial graphic & keyboard assemblies

Tel: +44(0)1525 381883

About MMI

We have been designing & manufacturing switch and graphic products since 1997 and have established a reputation for quality, flexibility and innovation. Throughout all aspects of our business, commitment to customer service is a core feature of Company philosophy.

We continue to invest in new equipment, materials and manufacturing technologies to achieve optimum performance in our products, both in terms of price and reliability.

The adaptability, variety and flexibility of our products make them suitable for the widest range of applications. Every product manufactured is custom built to meet specific customer requirements.

We are accredited to and work to ISO 9001-2015. Rigorous inspection procedures both during and after each manufacturing process, facilitates extremely high standards throughout. Every product that goes through our factory follows the same set of procedures and every process is carefully documented. Each order that goes through our factory has a set of detailed traveller sheets produced on our production control system software.

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