We design and manufacture bespoke membrane keypads and industrial graphic & keyboard assemblies

Tel: +44(0)1525 381883

Our Facilities


We are fully equipped with Autocad, Coreldraw and PC based technology for artwork generation and handling data files supplied by customers. We ensure that all aspects of our customers’ design requirements are met, through our extensive pre-production approval process.


The printing department has full screen printing lines matched to thin film print production, and UV curing units for producing a variety of surface texture finishes and printing dielectric layers within the membrane switch circuits. We also have the latest flat-bed UV digital print equipment, for short runs and prototyping.

Cutting, Finishing & Embossing

MMI’s finishing department incorporates equipment that has been purposely selected for the manufacture of industrial graphic and membrane keypad products. Our laser cutting equipment with camera registration makes intricate and fine detail cutting possible. Where conventional die tooling is limited and expensive, it allows the removal of the tooling, reducing costs for our customers. We have the ability to emboss a variety of shapes from rim embossing on key switch borders to LED dome windows.

Automated Pick & Place

MMI has invested in automated pick & place equipment for the placement of SMD components and membrane switch tactile metal domes. The equipment ensures the exact positional placement of each component time after time, batch to batch.

Assembly & Test

Our assembly department is equipped with connector application equipment for membrane switch ribbon tail connection, and a range of laminating equipment for the assembly of switch and graphic products.

Our purpose-built computer based test equipment ensures that all switch products are fully tested including switch contact resistance, high resistance shorts and full function checking of integrated LEDs. A print out of all functions can be produced for each batch.